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We’re in this COVID-19 fight together

We might feel like COVID-19 isn’t directly affecting us, but it is. It’s affecting all of us. It’s also confusing all of us. There is information overload, and that information changes every day. What the symptoms are, how high-risk it is, who gets it, who doesn’t get it, can asymptomatic people spread it, is it as common as we originally thought for people to even be asymptomatic, kids aren’t getting it, kids are getting it—it’s always something new, and it’s overwhelming. 

One thing that’s certain is that we are in this together. And we have a social responsibility to work together to fight the pandemic that’s crippling our country. When this all began, I would have not agreed with that statement at all. I didn’t want to wear a mask. I thought it could perhaps “blow over.” I’ve completely shifted my perspective. 

Social responsibility comes to life in helping prevent the spread of this and any disease, if we can. And we can. We can wear masks. We can take our kids’ temperatures and check their symptoms every day before they go anywhere. We can take our own temperatures before going to work, and not go into the office or public places if we’re feeling sick. We can work from home, and remain accountable. We are the human race and we can do more. We can care about one another. 

Because returning to our daily life increases the chances to spread the disease, leaders also have a social responsibility to establish a plan or set of standards to ensure the safety of their community. 

Universities, for example, are starting to announce how they’ll reopen their doors this fall. Some of the changes Butler University is making include suspending its residency requirement, allowing students to reside where they feel most comfortable and safe during the pandemic. The university is also requiring students to complete a health screening 72 hours prior to returning and daily health and temperature checks. This puts some effort into the students’ hands, while making them accountable. I was very impressed with their plan to “prioritize the greater good.” 

Our program COVID COMMAND CENTER facilitates similar accountability, helping organizations (schools, athletic teams, businesses, hospitals, surgery centers, etc.) across any industry manage COVID-19 across their communities. It’s a health information hub that includes online record keeping, access to information, testing, PPE and personal healthcare from a CLINICAL COVID COORDINATOR. 

And as individuals returning to these environments, we can keep up our end of the deal by caring about our fellow community members, and complying with the recommendations and guidelines set forth. Be accountable and care. 

We are here to help you navigate this new normal. Let’s talk.