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Create Trust with Your Employees by Reversing Their Medical Charges

Let me Share the Secrets that your Health Insurance Company, Health System, Broker, Service Providers and Human Resources Consultant won’t fully disclose to you that will put $$$ back in your pocket and smiles on your face.

Rise Above the Conflicting Relationships and Take a Stand

As an executive leader in your organization, you know that the healthcare “system” is stacked against you and especially your employees.  Terms like EOB, Co-Pay, Coinsurance, Deductible, Max Out-of-Pocket, Transparency…does any person know what the terms mean?  No one really does.


Element Consulting has created a proprietary solution that saves the employer and the employee hard dollars using a simple process of using the employee’s individual claims data to identify errors and cost savings opportunities and then we “fix” it for you.


Element Consulting brings a very unique perspective to help you improve your employee’s utilization of healthcare benefits.  Element has worked on all sides of the equation in senior roles with the largest Insurers, Hospitals, Brokers, Service Providers and Human Resources Consultants in the country with a focus on financial performance.  Each of the players have become who they are because of historical circumstance and conflicts that needs to be unwound.


Unfortunately, you and your employees bear the brunt of history in the form of run-away cost and the confusion in what is the US Healthcare System…and you don’t have a life raft.  The solution is not about getting employees to engage in health and wellness programs using carrot and stick benefit tactics.  This is about creating a trusted relationship between the employer and employees…then you can ask them to engage.


Start with establishing credibility with your employees by cleaning up the health care plans side of the street. Health care errors and fixing “over charges” to employees has been estimated at 10% of your total spend.  Fixing this does not require behavior change on the employees nor the health care systems part, but it goes a long way to that employee that benefits from the cleanup.  Word will also travel fast in the ranks.


Doing the right thing is not easy.  This is a very complicated problem.  You need someone without a conflicted relationship in your corner.  We represent the employer and the employee only.  You are our only priority.

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