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PBM + Health Data Visualization


In order to build their reputation and revenue potential, our PBM client wanted to offer a consultative reporting solution to their Carve-Out Clients. They needed a way to utilize their existing internal analytical capabilities to create a synchronization story by leveraging big data. And they needed to do it in a way that gave them a competitive advantage.



Once engaged, our first step was to bridge partnerships across our client’s organization to streamline data sources. This massive amount of data then needed to be packaged into something marketable. To that end, we produced interactive tableau dashboards. This tool helped the PBM account executives upsell consulting services to plan administrators using highly focused data visualization that included:
  • Cost Per Member Per Month
  • Cost by Major Service Category
  • Therapeutic Drug Class Drill Down
  • Population Metrics Drill Down


Following our engagement, the PBM and Health Data were fully and successfully synchronized, with a “go-live” date scheduled for 1/1/16. We established an executive steering committee to manage ongoing enhancements and upgrades to our client’s new tools, and an initial pilot client group comprised of 20,000 lives reported overwhelmingly positive feedback as a direct result of our client’s new high-value data reporting abilities.