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Our Difference

We love digging in on complex issues.

Have a challenge that’s stumping you? Let’s work through it together.


Talent that delivers

Be confident that your technology and processes will be implemented correctly and projects will be completed efficiently with consultants, who are the best at what they do.

Our team is your team

Our consultants don’t just get the work done for you—they become one of you. Our consultants regularly receive accolades and recognition for their dedication and commitment to your goals.

Operating with integrity

Once a project begins, stay involved to ensure it’s complete correctly and provide transparency in all aspects—even if that means having tough conversations or making hard decisions.

Harmony over disruption

We’re implementers, not disruptors—rest assured knowing our consultants will adapt to the way you operate and only make recommendations when it benefits your business.


Every relationship matters

People perform best when they’re taken care of and are happy in their roles. From being matched to work they love to receiving a benefits package that is unmatched and uncommon in our field, our consultants love what they do, feel valued and stick around.

Invested from day one

Before starting a project, we get to know your company and culture on a deeper level, ensuring that our consultants will be not only the right fit, but a valued, respected part of your team.

High quality solutions at a high value

Unlike competitors, we’ve created a lean cost structure that benefits everyone, so you pay less for the best talent, but our consultants are compensated to match their world-class experience and skillset.

History & expertise

We know technology and we live operations

With more than 20 years of experience, helping companies revitalize their operations through updated systems, processes and people is our lifeblood. We’re constantly evolving to ensure our solutions are the best option for your specific needs even if it means developing a custom, measurable offering to drive results.

The enterprise application experts

Implementing enterprise applications is overwhelming and time consuming—we manage the entire process for you, with people and technology that complement your business while improving operations and achieving ROI.

We speak IT, and business too

Not every department speaks the same language or has the same goals. When Element Consulting manages a project, that includes making sure both IT and other departments understand and support one another, so systems run smoothly.

See real results