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Liveworx is best LIVE and in person

Liveworx was the place to be this year for all things digital transformation and digital thread.  More than 5,000 people were there to network, see the wide breadth of solutions that PTC provides and get some hands-on demonstrations and insights into what’s ahead. Element Consulting has insights to share. 

Digital Transformation, but make it strategic

It’s no surprise that digital transformation was one of the biggest themes of the conference.  Because of the drastic changes COVID brought to the workplace, companies have a sense of urgency to digitize more processes and systems for an ever-remote workforce. The topic, however, has become oversaturated and led to some misconceptions and misguidance, including: 

  • Focusing on small wins, but failing to see the long term vision and making true enterprise wins.
  • Bait and switch, so a company would open a topic on what they were working on, but then hand over to the consulting group that actually did the work
  • Point solutions are presented without any clarity on the strategy and vision for the company or how the point solution would build upon an even bigger strategy

In conversations with presenters and attendees, it became clear that we’re lacking strategic vision when it comes to digital transformation. Instead of selling point solutions that benefit a small group or department, we need to determine what this transition can do for a corporation and how we will get there over time.

The Buzz

No surprise here. Attendees were excited to be together in person again! It was such a big difference compared to virtual meetings and conferences. PTC made sure there was great entertainment, social events and networking opportunities. From the opening day reception to the exhibit hall, there was plenty to see, eat, drink and do, with PTC product experts and product managers giving demonstrations of every software product and module.

PTC Solutions

The depth of PTC solutions just keeps evolving.  Some of the key advances we noticed was the excitement around the acquisition of Codebeamer.  The benefits include an improved interface and new way of managing software and requirements in other solutions, including PTCs own RV&S.  We are looking forward to getting more hands on to this tool and helping you implement it for your business.

ServicMax is another recent acquisition that was discussed, which is well suited for companies that must service, support and maintain their assets which are purchased by their customers. 

Plus so much more…

Together is better

Overall, Liveworx was a great success and it was great to be in person with all the companies in attendance.  It’s a small series of days that are packed full of valuable information, networking and learning.  Most companies are trying to take PLM to the next level.  Element Consulting was thrilled to listen, learn and collaborate with so many people.  It’s clear PTC is a leader in the area of CAD, PLM, IoT and so much more. As an official PTC partner, we’re here to help. Reach out if you need help with digital transformation.