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How to be fluent in IT & Business

By Eric Larson

In any successful relationship, communication is key. Do your IT and other business departments speak the same language? Are they even talking to one another? A disconnect between these two is very common in business, but can be detrimental nonetheless. 

The disconnect

Implementing enterprise-wide technology is meant to streamline your processes and operations, but if not everyone understands it or even buys into it, it won’t ever reach its potential or deliver ROI.  Add a pandemic year into the mix, and it becomes almost impossible to GSD (get sh*t done). 

So what’s the issue here? Essentially, no one knows what’s going on and they try to adopt a new solution without the proper prep and adjustments. It typically goes like this: Decisions are made at a c-suite level to implement enterprise-wide tech. IT then gets involved at a granular level to make sure everything is loaded and launched appropriately within the system. The rest of the business is informed and expected to start using the new system, without knowing just how many processes and day-to-day tasks will have to change. If they get confused, they may go to IT, but IT doesn’t always understand their business perspective and vice versa. 

Or worse, sometimes people may think they get it, when the truth is, they need guidance. If you’ve ever overestimated your ability for a task at hand, you know the peak confusion that soon arrives, followed by a valley of despair…but not all is lost.

These disconnects cause projects to stall, and productivity goes down. When communication across departments is fuzzy, things become more complicated than they need to be.  

Partner up 

If you’ve been hitting your head against the wall trying to get this solution off the ground, don’t fret. It’s possible and help is out there! Plus—you’re not alone. Gartner has estimated that failure rates for ERP implementations, for example, are between 55 and 75 percent. 

With a focus on driving results and ensuring every level of your organization is on the same page, we can collaborate with your team to get your technology solution off the ground. It won’t be long before you notice improved business processes and better ROI, in a way that works for you.

Ready to stop hitting your head against the wall? Let’s talk. Connect with us for a FREE implementation analysis.