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Healthcare Patient Experience and Value


Our healthcare client’s billing strategy had remained the same for some time, even though the patient consumer model was becoming more complex. As a result, patients were confused with the billing process. This slowed their payments so much, with total patient payment at $150M per year, our client’s bad debt had reached $51M.


With 35% of our client’s patient payments occurring online and the remainder paper-based, Element Consultants started by using paper-based communication to drive messaging about quick and easy payment choices with an online focus. We then turned to their website to create a more friendly user experience by minimizing steps for payment with a combination of QR Codes, PayMyBill and Payment Plans. We segmented our client’s patient population and developed a targeted outreach program. Finally, the payment model, now based on measurable metrics, was tied directly to financial performance.


In the first five months of 2015, our client experienced a 26%, or $4.3M reduction in bad debt from the first five months of the previous year. Patient cash collections rose by 13%, or $6.4M, and one month after statement changes went into effect online, cash collections rose an astonishing 42%.