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Control COVID at your school

Protect teachers and students at your school by catching COVID-19 before it enters the building

With fall and back-to-school very quickly approaching, educational facilities must determine how they will manage COVID-19 among their student body and staff. With the large volumes of students, it’s not physically or logistically possible to check symptoms and take temperatures for every student on a daily basis. Plus, if someone does report a fever, or even test positive for COVID-19, what are the next steps? Manually managing this information is hard enough but doing so on paper, while trying to accomplish contact tracing will become problematic, quickly.

At Element Consulting, we believe the best way forward for schools is to prepare your business, protect your community and prevent the spread. Our clinically-built program, COVID COMMAND CENTER is a health information management program that includes an online database of your students, access to testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) and dedicated clinical care.

Daily temperature logs and symptom checks are driven by parents. In addition to students’ health information and updates, it includes a communication hub for parents, with the latest national and local information on COVID-19, virus updates, best practices, messages from the school and more.

How does it work?

  • Parents receive login information to access COVID COMMAND CENTER through a website or via the app
  • Parents sign a liability waiver, noting their role and parental responsibilities in this process
  • Once they’re set up, parents are required to login every day to go through the evidence-based symptom checker, that follows Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines
  • They’ll also enter their child/children’s’ temperature every day, before leaving for school.


If any student has temperature or reports worrisome symptoms, a CLINICAL COVID COORDINATOR at the school will be notified, and call the parents with information on the next steps for their family, provide access to testing, and determine a procedure for returning to school. If parents fail to enter a symptoms or temperature on a daily basis, the school will be notified.

From devising a plan for re-entry or helping you get students tested, we can help you navigate this new normal—contact us! 

Email or call 612-805-7288.