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Connect your shop floor. See real results.

By Eric Larson  What is a connected shop floor?  A connected shop floor is when a manufacturing facility uses digital technology to allow seamless sharing of information between people, machines, and sensors via a hybrid-cloud based model. This transition empowers workers by giving them easy access

Process planning for the manufacturing win

By Eric Larson  What is process planning?  Process planning is a step, typically completed by the manufacturing or operations departments, within engineering or manufacturing companies.  At a high level, process planning documents the steps and processes used to manufacture, inspect, assemble or repair a product.

What is digital transformation?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard the latest technology buzz words – and digital transformation was most likely one of them.  So, what does digital transformation mean? Let’s break it down.  The traditional definition of digital transformation is “the

ERP thrives in remote-first world

By Eric Larson The pandemic has changed and continues to change so many things about our lives – one of the most notable being how and where we work. Many of us are working from home full time. Some of us are in a hybrid

Does your ACO have the “IT” factor?

By Ken Buchanan Where would we be without our IT departments? They literally and figuratively “keep the lights on.” We’re all guilty of taking our access and application availability, reasonable response times, secured networks and communications, and backup/recovery systems for granted. Provider Organizations in particular

Patient engagement is a win-win (win)

Engaged patients care about their health and act as champions for their own wellness. They are involved decision-makers in their own healthcare journey. They do research. They get regular check ups. They ask questions. They follow instructions. And overall – they’re healthier. When a patient

Actionable Data: You Can’t Get There From Here

By Ken Buchanan Have you ever stopped for directions while traveling and heard the response, “You can’t get there from here”?  With today’s ubiquitous GPS navigation devices, we rarely need to stop for directions. And no matter how complicated and convoluted, the GPS navigator will