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How overconfidence halts progress

By Eric Larson Ever been in a meeting where a new product or program is being introduced and somebody makes it clear that they “got it?” They are ready to dive in, start using this new approach or program and feel VERY confident in their

How to be fluent in IT & Business

By Eric Larson In any successful relationship, communication is key. Do your IT and other business departments speak the same language? Are they even talking to one another? A disconnect between these two is very common in business, but can be detrimental nonetheless.  The disconnect

Digital manufacturing – connecting your communication

In manufacturing operations, there are a lot of moving parts—literally and figuratively. It’s not only important to understand the effects of both the upstream and downstream processes, but to make those processes as efficient and profitable as possible. One way to synchronize and streamline these

The importance of cross-functional considerations

In the world of manufacturing, the line from production floor workers to executives and c-suite is long and not always direct. You’re tasked with driving results and keeping the peace, during a pandemic when nothing is certain and everything is on the line. Efficiency is

Get your head into the clouds

If you haven’t moved your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to the cloud, it’s time. The benefits are vast and it will save you time and money in the long run. But I’m not writing this to convince you that cloud migration is a good

Really, really remote

By Eric Larson For some, this pandemic, quarantined, work-from-home, remote life is a nice break from the daily grind, but I am not into it. I. Miss. People.  I know there are others out there who feel my pain. My wife is an essential worker,

Managing ERP in a WFH world

By Eric Larson If you’re responsible for the ERP system at your organization, transitioning to a work from home format may have been a stressful thought, especially if your company isn’t set up for that. Getting used to holding all meetings via Zoom is one

8 reasons why ERP fails

In corporations of all sizes and industries, business processes have a direct impact on success. A solid, reliable process must be established, formalized, enforced and maintained. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a common solution for accomplishing business process automation. Benefits of ERP  ERP is a

Shiny and new vs. tried and true

If your business operates on a COBOL mainframe and you’re lacking resources, don’t worry. You don’t need to get rid of COBOL or upgrade to a different system—you just need the right support, and it’s still out there.  Crisis calls for COBOL  The pandemic has

We’re in this COVID-19 fight together

We might feel like COVID-19 isn’t directly affecting us, but it is. It’s affecting all of us. It’s also confusing all of us. There is information overload, and that information changes every day. What the symptoms are, how high-risk it is, who gets it, who