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We’re in this COVID-19 fight together

We might feel like COVID-19 isn’t directly affecting us, but it is. It’s affecting all of us. It’s also confusing all of us. There is information overload, and that information changes every day. What the symptoms are, how high-risk it is, who gets it, who

Control COVID at your school

Protect teachers and students at your school by catching COVID-19 before it enters the building With fall and back-to-school very quickly approaching, educational facilities must determine how they will manage COVID-19 among their student body and staff. With the large volumes of students, it’s not

BPCI advanced

Guide to BPCI advanced bundle payments

How can this model help lower costs and increase patient’s satisfaction? Bundle payments are not something new to the market – but they are getting increasingly popular and necessary in today’s financial climate. Bundle payments are innovative and can solve many issues associated with healthcare.