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About Us

We exist to solve problems at the speed the world changes

We are a group of seasoned consultants who believe strategy is nothing without action. After many years working in traditional consultancies, we realized something was broken. Most firms spend too much time pontificating, but little time implementing and seeing solutions through. We started Element Consulting out of a desire to spend more of our time doing the hard work, and less time talking about it.

Our Team

Eric Larson

Eric is the CEO and founder of Element Consulting Group and brings over 20 years of professional consulting and client delivery experience. He is responsible for the vision and strategy as well as managing the quality and financial performance of the organization. Eric leads the current healthcare innovation initiatives with the Element team delivering one primary goal to our clients: the realization of measurable value to the bottom line financial measures.

Eric has worked as a consulting leader and client manager integrating business and technology initiatives at consulting organizations like KPMG, Technology Solutions, and AlixPartners and has successfully delivered across industries (healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, telecom and financial services) and worldwide geographies. When Eric is not delivering value to the Element clients and building disruptive healthcare delivery innovation, he spends time with his family and enjoys a round of golf with friends.

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